Revenue Cycle Management Services

End-to-end Revenue Cycle Management Services

Managing the healthcare revenue cycle can be a complex and daunting task. At Atom Healthcare, we provide comprehensive medical billing, coding, and accounts receivable management services to help you navigate this complex maze of administrative and clinical processes.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

We partner with healthcare organizations to improve and accelerate reimbursements, prevent denials, arrest revenue leakage, and improve the patient experience.

We apply disruptive automation technologies to deliver revenue cycle excellence. Ensure better results with Atom Healthcare’s best practices.

Partnering with healthcare organizations, we apply the latest technologies and best practices to improve and accelerate reimbursements, prevent denials, arrest revenue leakage, and ultimately improve the patient experience. We help you get your revenue cycle back on track while reducing costs and driving revenue.

Our services span across the entire revenue cycle, from front-end to back-end, including:

Revenue Cycle Services

  • Streamlined Patient Scheduling and Inventory Management
  • Throughout Eligibility Verification
  • Effective Prior Verification
  • Precise Patient Registration and Demographic Heading



  • Charge Entry & Charge Audit: We manage charge entry and audit processes, ensuring accurate billing and timely claims submission.

  • Medical Coding Services: Our certified medical coders assign accurate codes to medical procedures, ensuring timely reimbursements and reducing claim denials.

  • Revenue Integrity: We help ensure revenue integrity by conducting regular audits and reviews of billing processes and claims submissions.

  • Medical Coding Audit: Our team performs medical coding audits to identify and rectify coding errors, ensuring timely reimbursements and reducing claim denials.

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement: We help improve clinical documentation to support accurate coding, reduce claim denials, and ensure compliance with regulations.


Revenue Cycle Services

  • Charge Entry & Charge Audit
  • Medical Coding Services
  • Revenue Integrity
  • Medical Coding Audit
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement

Revenue Cycle Services

  • Remittance Processing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Denial Management
  • Credit Balance


  • Remittance Processing: We process remittance advice and EOBs, ensuring timely and accurate payment posting.
  • Accounts Receivable: Our team manages accounts receivable, ensuring timely follow-up and collections.
  • Denial Management: We manage claim denials and appeals, ensuring maximum reimbursement and reducing revenue loss.
  • Credit Balance: We manage credit balance accounts, ensuring timely and accurate refunds.


  • Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Services: Our team manages provider enrollment and credentialing, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating reimbursement.
  • Medical Billing Specialists: Our certified medical billing specialists manage all aspects of medical billing, from claim submission to follow-up and collections.
  • Revenue Cycle Process Automation: Experience echo, our robotic process Automation Platform that enables you to reduce human effort across the revenue cycle functions and gives you access to power-packed analytics

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Accounts Receivables Management​
Medical Coding Services
Charge Entry
Patient Registration/ Patient Demographics Entry​
Insurance Verification and Eligibility check/ Financial Clearance
Patient Scheduling and Appointment Management Services ​
provider credentialing and enrolment ​
Insurance Verification ​
Prior Authorisation​