Often, hospitals and physician practices get into situations of accumulated, unresolved Accounts Receivable due to lack of staff, ineffective policies, or ineffective process management. Such backlogs amount to millions of dollars and require expert A/R team members to recover the maximum amounts possible. Our team:

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Atom Healthcare provides exceptional A/R management services through diligent follow-up, denials and appeals management, patient-centric account resolution, and A/R analytics. Benefits include:

Develops policies and
procedures for follow-up

Our team is responsible for monitoring the aging bucket of the A/R, and they understand the most effective date for follow-up from the date of claims submission. Our team brings insights into which payers provide information online via websites and the effectiveness of such information.

Reduce DSO

Regular follow-up with insurance companies is done to obtain the status of the claim, status of appeals, and reasons for denials. Based on the information obtained, immediate actions are taken to resolve the claim by making corrections to the patient account or by initiating additional processes.

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