Atom Healthcare offers outpatient, inpatient, and professional fee (pro-fee coding services) across most major specialties. We have established a medical coding center of excellence to provide customized solutions, including outsourced medical coding services, operational assessments of your coding services, code audits, and physician education services.

One of the key reasons for claim denials is medical coding errors. With the ICD and CPT code standards defining the reimbursements received by healthcare providers for medical services rendered, it is important for both clinicians and coders to understand the specificity associated with each procedure. Often, clinicians leave many procedures unrecorded, a term known as DNFB (Discharges not fully billed). Our expert coders can identify the services that have not been billed for and work with physicians to improve overall reimbursements.

Our staff includes American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)-certified medical coders to help you improve your revenue cycle yield through high-quality, accurate coding.

Medical Coding Audit, Clinical Documentation Improvement, and Physician Education

The coding department is at a critical intersection between revenue cycle professionals and clinicians. Clearly, coders need to work closely with physicians to operate at peak efficiency and optimize reimbursements. Our expert coders can identify the shortcomings in clinical documentation, identify facility or provider-specific documentation issues, provide detailed feedback, and educate physicians on unbilled procedures as well as documentation improvement. We work with physicians to improve revenue. We also offer provider and facility-specific education programs that could be delivered in group or one-on-one settings, over the phone, or through onsite sessions.

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