Charge Entry ensures practices to receive proper reimbursement. Paying attention to every detail is critical and every entry must be entered accurately.

Accurate documentation of medical services provided is critical to arresting revenue leakage. Charge entry errors could lead to claims denials as well. Therefore, charge entry is often clubbed with medical coding teams to improve overall results.

Our Billing Resources team has substantial experience and understanding of the US healthcare industry, and offers expert skills in facilitating investigations and enabling quick decision-making. 

Effective charge entry processes reduce instances of revenue leakage, reduce denials, and improve clean submissions. 


  • Get access to qualified charge entry professionals with expertise of working across different medical specialties
  • Reduce costs by 30-40%
  • Improve productivity, accuracy and turnaround
  • Arrest revenue leakage by identifying missed revenue opportunities through our charge integrity and audit services
  • File claims on time, benchmark fee schedules and understand denial trends
  • Effective coordination with medical coding team to ensure accuracy

Our Charge Entry Process

  • Download of scanned superbills batches
  • Automated routing of batches to our charge entry team members
  • Charge entry of previously coded document into patient accounts – capture the provider details, referring provider, date & place of service, CPT/procedure codes, ICD codes, modifiers, and number of units, if needed
  • Entry of patient demographics
  • Quality check and audits
  • Submission of claims to the payer via the clearing house

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