Automate more efficient processes resulting in lowered costs, more time for patient care and improved patient satisfaction scores

Our team captures the following information with the highest quality and within the turnaround time:

  • Patient’s demographic details including name, gender, address, phone numbers, and social security information
  • Medicaid or Medicare cards for patients receiving federal or state assistance
  • Information about the Payers
  • Insurance information (Name of the insurance company, group and policy number, name of the insured person and his/her contact information, and mailing address for claims)
  • Self-Pay/Patient Responsibility (Name, address and telephone number for person who will be responsible for payments)
  • Special requirements (interpreter, stretcher access, etc.)

Reduce your costs by 30% – 40%


  • Accurate and complete capture of patient information
  • Performing population health analytics to identify trends and patterns
  • Improve patient registration accuracy and increase First pass rates
  • Reduce claim denials
  • Reduce costs by 30-40%
  • Get information around inventories
  • Seamless coordination between registration and appointment management processes

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