Empathetic Scheduling Effective Information Collection Improved Patient Satisfaction

Patients wanted to connect to their healthcare providers across multiple channels and seek a high-quality service. Long hold times and unduly cumbersome processes can be frustrating for patients. Atom Healthcare’s team of empathetic, and efficient scheduling advisors are trained on customer service skills and healthcare knowledge to make every call a positive experience for your patients. We are able to determine the patient responsibility upfront to improve self-pay collections. We can also propose and set-up payment plans.

Why Choose Us?

Improved Appointment Scheduling

Trained scheduling advisors working with insurance providers, physician offices, and patients to prepare patients for appointments, and effectively coordinate care delivery

Appointment Confirmation

Timely and effective follow-up to reduce no-shows, clear estimation of patient liability to prepare them for payments, and improved efficiency in care delivery


Extended hours coverage to improve outreach to patients and ensure effective physician utilization

Technology and Integration

We work off your scheduling and revenue cycle systems and integrate our telephony infrastructure with ours to work as an extension of your front office team


  • Improved capture of patient appointments across points of care
  • Extend scheduling hours to capture additional appointments and cancellations
  • Improved Patient flow through reminders to reduce no-shows and effective follow-up
  • Improve patient and physician satisfaction
  • Better coordination of care with multiple providers
  • Customized services to your specific patient demographics
  • Improved self-pay collections
  • Cloud based contact center infrastructure
  • Effective capture of patient information for pre-registration

we will assist you 24/7